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Whether you are preparing for the exam or answering day-to-day HR questions, this class is for you.   Topics covered include:

Unit 1 - Business Management 

Unit 2 - Workforce Planning and Employment 

Unit 3 - Human Resource Development 

Unit 4 - Compensation and Benefits 

Unit 5 - Employee and Labor Relations 

Unit 6 - Risk Management 

The class includes the Human Resources Certification Program - a set of 6 books, numerous online practice exams and flash cards. In your books is a white card with a link to the practice exams and a password to register. As soon as you receive your books, log on the website and register.  Take pre-assessment Comprehensive Practice Exam A. This will tell you where you are weak and where your strengths are before the class begins allowing you to know where you need to focus your studies. 

You will also receive a link to the On Demand eLearning Program that includes the pre-recorded lectures, PowerPoint presentations, more practice exams, class conversation and more resources.

Before classes begin covering each unit, listen to Unit 1 Part 1 On Demand lecture, read the first half of Unit 1 and take Unit 1 practice exam A.  

Your instructor will send you a syllabus (study schedule) based on the class in which you have enrolled.

In class discussion will include problem centered questions, terms, scenarios, examples, interactive activities to enhance your learning, time to speak with the instructor and get clarification, more tests and test taking tips.  Bring your questions to class.  If you have a question, surely other students will have the same question.  You may even write down a list of questions for the instructor to go over.